Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY Washi Storage + Pretty Craft Shelf Sneak Peek


Today, I'm sharing the way I'm storing my Washi tape. I took the idea from Jen over at You can see her storage here

I simply picked up a clear acrylic container and some tension rods from Bed Bath and Beyond and added a cutout from my Silhouette. 

And for curious & planning minds: here is where all the washi is from.

I love it!

As I mentioned in Wednesday's post. I've been getting my life together. Part of that process was deep cleaning and organizing my bedroom. I was originally storing all of my crafting supplies in a tub under my bed, but it simply was not working.
Over Christmas break I bought a cheap-y 5 shelf white bookcase at Walmart and have been using that to organize it all into a functional, yet pretty place for the things that make me so, so happy. This project is taking me 600 years though and I'll share it all once it's 100% complete, but for now here is a sneak peek!

Stay tuned!! :)

Don't forget to tag me in any pictures of your washi storage @LittleBitsofLacey or by using the #LittleBitsofLacey

Have a fabulous weekend!
xoxo, Lacey

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