Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From Candle Lid To Pretty Coaster

Hi! Today I'm sharing how I turned a candle lid into a pretty jeweled coaster! 

If you've ever been to Bath & Body Works you've probably been convinced to buy one of these delicious smelling bad boys.

Then you probably burned the whole thing in a day because it smelled so good. Anyone? Just me? Oh.

There are a million cute things to make with the jars when you're done though!

Today I used just the lid to make an adorable blingy coaster for my desk. 

All I needed was:

Any candle lid
E6000/Super Glue
Jewels/gems (affiliate links)

All I did was spread the glue with a tooth pick a little at a time and added the jewels in no certain pattern. 
(Cute envelope backdrop, right?)

That's it! I think this is so so pretty. I've been in the process of making my room fabulous (including the craft shelf I've been promising for 7 years) so I will be posting lots and lots about my progress organizing and decorating my bedroom!

Share any pictures of your own coasters by tagging me on Instagram or use the hashtag #LittleBitsofLacey

Lacey & Bob


  1. This is such a cute diy idea! I love how you came up with an idea of what to use the candle lid for. There are so many projects on what to use the jar part for but I never see anything to use the lid for.

    1. Yes no crafts for the lid is exactly where my idea came from! :) xoxo