Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Ideas for Guys

As we approach my favorite time of year I've been finding it harder and harder to focus during my classes and more and more distracted by the thoughts sugarplums dancing in my head. So today I'm sharing the first of many holiday themed posts.

Guys are honestly so impossible to shop for. They can deny it but they wouldn't have small sections in every store this time of year called "mens gifts"

Here are some of my ideas so you can avoid that section and so the men in your life don't get another boring present.

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1. Snacks/Candy

You can't go wrong with food. I like to get things that they might not have all the time, like beef jerky or pistachios, but pick whatever is his favorite and throw together a goodie bag.

2. Socks

3. Beats Pill
I got this for Eric last year, and it's pretty neat!

4. Scalp Scratcher

5. Waterproof Speaker

6. GoPro
I think this would be awesome to play with.

7. Fun underwear
Dare I say, funderwear?

8. Cards Against Humanity

9. Back Scratcher

10. Movie Series

11. Mocassins

12. FitBit

13. Gaming Console Skin

14. Board Games

15. Gaming Headphones

16. Amazon Prime Subscription

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17. Charging Station

18. Cozy Sweater

19. TV Series

20. Apple Watch

21. Beats Headphones

22. Fun USB

23. Cool knife

24. Classy Sneakers

25. Money Clip

26. Nice Wallet

27. Water Bottle

28. Weights

29. Portable Charger

30. Suit Pajamas

31. Protective Phone Case

32. Nice pullover

33. Nice camera

34. Netflix subscription
35. Cool xbox controller

And that's all I've got.

Stay tuned for some DIY gifts to come soon as well as a gift idea list for ladies!

Have a goooooood day!


  1. Don't get the beats pill they were recalled cause they catch fire

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