Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pretty Craft Shelf: Craft Supplies Organization

Okay so here it is. Almost a year later but here is my craft organization!

I started by mapping out everything I had to store, and planned how I was going to store it. I made a big order from Ikea and ordered a million Kassett boxes. You can find them on Amazon here
 if you don't want to pay for Ikea's shipping. (affiliate link) I also got 6 sample size containers of paint in ombre-ish shades of turquoisey blue and coraly pink. Those were all real words, right?

I even planned how to disperse the colors and then I laid everything on the floor of my living room and painted until I wanted to throw them all away. They all took something like 4 coats.

I also made some Kate Spade inspired boxes for the shelf. 

Adding them to the shelves was the best part and I filled them with everything and added labels.

These pictures are also from many different times of the past year. I found it really hard to photograph this shelf for some reason, and that's why it took me so long to write this post. Oh well though, you get the point.

I've also recently moved the vinyl from being out in the open to my closet because I doubled the amount of vinyl I had and it wasn't as pretty as the rest of the shelf.

What do you think? Any questions? Let me see yours! #LittleBitsofLacey

Happy November guys!

xoxo, L

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