Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY Charging Station

Does anyone else have such a mess of cords that they don't even put them away anymore?
No? Just me?

I needed something to corral all of my cords and give me access to charge them nightly.

I spray painted a shoe box and attempted to drill holes in the box for the cords to slide through.

Yes. I used power tools. :o

Teddy also licked such power tools.

I drilled a few holes, buutttt they looked a little bit like poo.

Since the holes face my wall, I decided that was okay!

I threw a power strip in the box and plugged in the cords that I have for now-just my iPad and cell phone.

I love it because I just have one thing to plug in each night, instead of 3 when I get my new computer.

There's also no untangling everyday!

Any suggestions for the dumbo holes? Better yet any better way to DIY a station kind of like this?
Let me know! 

Thanks for stopping!
xoxo, Lacey

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