Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dollar Store Craft

Hey everyone!

This is one of the simplest DIYs ever and for $2 from the Dollar Tree, I've found endless decor ideas for this little guy.

Really all you do is take any glass container, and hot glue it to a glass candlestick. The possibilities from there are really endless.

You could:

-spray paint it
-mod podge glitter to it
-I also have an idea to make another one, put stickers all over the jar, spray paint it, then peel off the stickers. Then I want to put a candle in it so that it makes little shapes of light all over my room. Just an idea!

or you could put things in it like:

-candy corn in the fall
-peppermints for Christmastime
-dried flowers (shown in image)
-live flowers
-fake flowers
-makeup brushes
-washi tape

Like I said, there are a million ways you could make this DIY your own. How are you going to personalize it?
Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Lacey

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