Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ikea Obsession || Top 11 Ikea Products

This past week Eric and I took a mini vacation to Kansas City. We spent a day at the zoo and a day at Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun and we had a lot of fun.

And I also forced Eric to take me to the Ikea in Merriam.

Poor, poor boy. 

There's just something about Ikea that makes me super, super happy inside. But it is also super overwhelming, especially since I still live in a small bedroom in my parents house. It's hard to walk away from cute kitchen items because I don't even have a kitchen.

I've decided to break it down into the products I loved and purchased. So here are my top 11 Ikea products.

If you don't live near an Ikea (like me) and you want furniture it will cost an arm and a leg to get it shipped. I've found links for these products on Amazon, and they cost quite a bit more, but it's still less than getting them shipped from Ikea. SO I'll include both links if you're interested in ordering and you can figure out what is the best way to do it. I think it's best if you can get it from the store, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The Amazon links are affiliated links, so if you want more information on that, refer to my disclosure. 

1. The Alex drawers

Ikea Link  ||| Amazon Link

I bought two of these to use as part of my desk, something there will be a post in the near future about, and I love them. They are so versatile because I can picture storing anything in them. They are very popular for makeup storage use, but I think they're awesome for desks, craft supplies, maybe even for classrooms. I also love that you can get the 9 drawer one also.

2. Linnmon top

Ikea Link ||| Amazon Link

I added this on here because I bought it to top my desk. It's super light weight and goes perfectly with the Alex drawers.

3. Lack table

Ikea Link ||| Amazon Link

These little side tables are honestly just cute. They are again super light and versatile. I bought mine so I can move it around the house wherever the light is right for blog photos. If I had a lot of room I'd buy them in lots of different colors for this purpose. But again, I live in a little room at my parents. 

4. The Pröjs desk pad (it's clear)

Ikea Link ||| Amazon Link (Not Ikea version, similar clear mat)

I like this because it is HUGE and protects the most used part of my new desk. I'm thinking of adding some cute paper to make it pretty, but I'm not quite sure yet. 

5. Liksidig Napkin Holder

Ikea Link ||| Amazon Link

I use this as a catch all for papers and things I need to handle. Not for napkins.

6. Fejka Artificial Plant (thyme)

Ikea Link ||| Amazon Link

This is so cute in #7.

7. Skurar pot

Ikea Link ||| Amazon Link

8. Bräda Laptop Support

I got this to keep my laptop from overheating when I use it on my lap or the couch.

9. Tejn Faux Sheepskin

Ikea Link ||| Amazon Link

These are nice right now for my obsession with white furry things. I have big plans for a few of these. 

10. Godmorgon Acrylic Organizers

My favorite drawer organizers.

11. Kassett Boxes & Magazine Holders

I can't find these on Ikea's website anymore?? ||| Amazon Magazine Holders

I love these on my craft shelf, and these are what I used to make my Kate Spade inspired boxes

And that's all I've been lovin for right now. I'm sure the list will grow when I get an apartment or house.

What are your favorite Ikea products?

xoxo, L


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