Monday, July 20, 2015

DIY "It's Okay" Watercolor Art

I love, love, love pastel colors and simple reminders that life is great. So I made this cute little wall art.

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I just used a thin canvas, a water color paint set from Dollar Tree, and black acrylic paint. I like the thin canvas on a board because they're cheaper and they sit more flush to the wall, which I needed since I was putting this on the back of my bedroom door.

Outside to keep the mess at a minimum (I still ended up with spotted legs), I painted a rainbow, slightly overlapping each color. I used Roy G. Biv. :) Something I learned in elementary school! I did a couple of coats to get the look I wanted. Since the watercolors were from Dollar Tree, they would sometimes leave little chunks of color, but they come off easily with water.

After I had a pretty rainbow, I printed off the saying "It's okay." in the font Arial. You could use any phrase you want though! Like "Breathe" "Be happy" or "I love pizza"

I shaded all behind the words on the back of the sheet with a pencil, then placed the paper where I wanted it on the canvas. Also an important step is realizing it's 5:30 then panicking because you work at 6. I used a sharp pencil to outline the letters, which transferred the outline of the letters onto the canvas. It's hard to see in the picture but I swear it's there. Once I had all of the outlines done, I just filled them in with paint!

I attached it to the back of my door with Command Strips under my "Smile" banner I picked up from the dollar spot at Target for $3.

I just love this little positive spot on my door and LOVE pastels.

Let's see yours! #LittleBitsofLacey

Happy Monday!

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