Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Cutest Little Stool Ever

Ever since I saw Jen at iHeartOrganizing make a cute mini stool, I was looking for an excuse to make my own. This is what my third thing I made inspired by her? She just has the best ideas!

A few years ago in high school, Eric made me this cute little chest of drawers (see below) with a countertop for me to sit and do my makeup and be able to put my straightener/curler on top. He's seriously the best. Anywhooo, I have used it every day since, but now that my hair is growing longer, when I sit on the floor I can't see all of my hair. The struggle, I know.

Also with my new desk, I always find myself reaching for something to put my feet up on when I'm working.

I finally had reasons to make one! 

So here we are at Target when I bought the stool. You can find these basic stools almost anywhere, and I've even spotted them at thrift stores. (after the fact of course) Eric happily volunteered to carry it around through the store while we shopped, because then when I stopped to look at something, he had a place to sit! :) Isn't he the cutest?

Little did he know that I would be suckering him into a project that he would be required to help with. Do you see that face of innocence?

So a few weeks later he was on the back porch of my house cutting the legs shorter and sanding the bottom forever until it sat completely level. These puppy dog eyes do work sometimes guys.

Once I had the stool sanded down, I gave it a few coats of blue paint I had left over from the storage boxes on my craft shelf (which I still haven't shared I know shame on me) and then gave it a coat of clear protective spray.

I traced the top of the stool onto a foam pad I picked up from Walmart.
It's made for square seat cushions but I found these
 on Amazon (affiliate link) that might work better since they're round and probably more substantial? Let me know.
 I used hot glue to keep the foam secure while I stapled on the fur. I used a Tejn from Ikea cut a little larger than the top of the stool. Next I just used a staple gun to pull the fur tight and stapled a million staples around the stool. Then I went to bed because it was midnight and I was making a fur stool in the middle of my kitchen floor.

Then the next day I oohed and ahed because isn't it precious! It's so little and furry.

What do you think? Will you make your own? :)

xoxo, L


  1. Very cute. My finance actually did something similar for me for my makeup area without me knowing, it was a surprise. The stool is rectangular and a little higher and he used foam as well as the paisley pattern that matched our window treatments. Sweetest thing ever.

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