Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIY Reverse Stenciling Chanel Sign

I've always had a strange love for Chanel. While I don't own anything from the brand (sorry I'm 17) I did name my car Coco Chanel! I just love the stigma that comes with Chanel. I'm not quite sure why, but to me it just portrays class and I love that.

I decided I would create a way to display that sort of class in my bedroom, so I made this little sign. I discovered a really easy way to make these kinds of little signs using spray adhesive.

What You Need:
-Wooden Plaque
-Paint in colors of your choice
-Hot glue gun
-Pearls or ribbon
-Printed outline of your choice, cut out
-Spray Adhesive

I started by painting a white square on the plaque, just as big as your cut-out is.

Once that dried, I used my spray adhesive to get a "temporary bond" which meant spraying the cut-out and letting it sit for about a minute before applying it to the plaque. 
Once it was where I wanted it, I painted black all over the entire plaque. 

After the paint dried, I peeled the cut-out back and touched it up a bit.
I glued a pearl strand to the back, and hung it on my wall!

I love the way this turned out, and I think it is oh so classy. I also think this is a super simple way to make these little signs that are so popular right now.

What will you make with this technique?

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