Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Sister's Wedding: A Pretty Little Event

So the week of September 21-27 felt like the busiest week of my life. I was planning a wedding and doing all of the final tasks (music, cameras, etc.), participating in Rush Week for my sorority, and taking lots of tests. I also worked a few times that week and I might have fit in eating and sleeping, I don't really remember. It's kinda a blur.

BUT I lived.

It was a stressful week, yes, but having a nice little reception made it all worth it. We held it in a local bowling alley's lounge, so the black lights made pictures a little wonky, but it still looked beautiful.

I did a post on some of the DIY decor a while back here.

Walking in the door, we had a guest sign in table, with the initials of the bride (my sister) and groom, along with a faux bouquet from Hobby Lobby. We also used these little gems scattered on the tables. 

The table cloth is actually a silvery-grey color, but like I said, the lighting made everything look a little off.

I made a quick card box at the last minute, using a blue photo box, silver ribbon, alphabet stickers, and faux flowers.

The venue had the pretty white lights, and I just added some of the leftover faux flowers along the rail. 
You can see the floor and chairs we were working with here, but you can also see how we decorated the long tables. We covered every other one with silver then white table covering, then ran a strip of glittery tulle down the table. We used small mirrors, faux flowers, and a small votive candle to make small centerpieces.
They looked like this:

 You can also see how the color was super goofy, because the white/silver tulle looks very purple here. 

We made the not so sparkly place sparkle, but what mattered most was the happy couple.

Very happy for my sister and my brother-in-law.


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