Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DIY "Blessings" Leaf Banner

It's November!
I'm not sure how, because it seems like just yesterday I graduated high school. This year is FLYING by. 

Today I'm sharing yet another simple dollar store craft.

Today I used some twine, faux leaves, stencils and paint.

I stenciled the letters onto the leaves, and once they dried threaded them onto the twine.

I tied mine up on the handles of my dresser, which I think turned out pretty cute!

If you recreate any of my projects, I'd love to see them! Feel free to send me an e-mail at LittleBitofLacey@gmail.com or post them with the hashtag #LittleBitsofLacey

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and have a great week ahead!
xoxo, Lacey

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