Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Finished Freshman Year!

I'm done with my first year of college!

(pretend you're excited, okay?)

This year was super rough and EXTREMELY busy. BUT with summer here I am so, so inspired and excited. I have lists and lists of crafts to do and things to share, so stay tuned and get PUMPED. 

Okay too many caps letters. Sorry. I'm just really happy! 

Things you can be looking out for:

-The craft shelf from like 6 months ago
-My desk space
-My room tour
-LOTS of decor diy's 
-Clothing/accessories diy's
-Pictures of Bob
-And all about the summer of adventure I'm hoping to have!

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Okay seriously enough exclamation points and excitement I'm annoying myself.

One more thing before you go. I've recently downloaded this awesome new app for college students called Treats by Clinkle. It's basically a reloadable debit card that you can earn rewards for your friends to trade back and forth. It's kind of confusing but you should check it out and if you do, use my referral code to get $10 for free! I know this stuff is usually sketchy and weird but I really like it so far and I promise it's not sketchy or weird and I'm really just sharing it because I think it's cool. You do have to have a .edu email address though! The referral code is EMGP234.    

That's all guys. See you soon! xoxox


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