Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gold Dipped Bowls for $0.25!

So I've been done with school for like a week now, and so far I've gotten a whole lot of nothing accomplished. I've been working like crazy still (hopefully this will change soon) and trying to catch up some sleep. To keep up to date follow me and Bob on Instagram. You could have seen that Bob got a little rude and decided to bite my face yesterday! This picture doesn't even show how bad it is, and it's especially swollen now! 
(I also don't have pink hair, so I have no idea why this picture made me have some. It's kinda cool though, do I see hair chalk in my future?)

ANYWHO I have another super easy dollar store craft today. I mean it's not like I ever do these  I do these for like every post but you still love them, right? I recently picked up this four-pack of little baby glass dishes at the Dollar Tree.

I traced them on a foam plate, then traced the line with gold paint*. Then I just dipped the edges of the bowls into the paint! (someone please teach me how to paint my nails)

I'm using these to store some of my jewelry, but they can be used for lots of things. Think bobby pins, hair elastics, change, craft supplies. The options are endless!

And that's all. I swear I'll post a complicated craft someday..maybe.. ;)

Hope you enjoyed and hope you have a GREAT weekend!

xoxo, Lacey

*This is an Amazon affiliate link.

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