Wednesday, September 9, 2015

College Organization

I've been back in school for 3 weeks now and I've stayed pretty organized so far! I figured I would share what is working for me in case there's a chance it might help someone else!

The first and probably most important is a planner. There are a lot of different kinds and your school might give you one, but mine is a Plum Paper Planner and you can order one here. It is personalized so I have my name on the front and there a lot of other personalization options and add ons.

I use mine to write down assignments, appointments, events, and my work schedule. I don't have any fancy color coding system, I just use pencil since plans and things so often change. 

In terms of notebooks I have a new favorite thing.

This notebook is the perfect combination of a notebook, binder and folder. It has three rings that are basically indestructible, but they go through the whole thing so you can fold the notebook all the way around like a notebook. If that makes sense. So I have each divider labeled for my classes (I'm taking 5, but these are the only ones I need sections for) with washi tape and have paper for taking notes right behind the divider. The divider is also a folder so it holds all of the handouts, etc. 

Being an absolute list addict, I have 10-15 lists going. It's a problem. But it also keeps my brain from setting on fire. Target has the cutest notepads/sticky notes and I have a lot of different types of list such as:
-running to-do
-to-do today
-current homework assignments
-things I need to print
-I need
-I want
-To make
-Blog post ideas

I'm also pathetically obsessed with binders. It's probably unhealthy, I don't know.

I have one for scholarship, Christmas, writing, blogging, and finances. If you'd like to see additional posts on each of these I would be happy to write one so let me know. These things really keep my life together and it might seem like overkill but to me it's very necessary.

I keep these binders in a tub under my bed and I have a drawer in my desk designed to corral all of my school things in one place.
This keeps me from running around the house looking for my books before class like a crazy person. 

So overall it's pretty simple things that make a difference in keeping things in order and maybe it will get me to a 4.0 gpa ;)


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  1. I have a bunch of lists, too! I have a separate planner for school that I write down all of the due dates in and then I have daily to do lists in my bullet journal and today I had to make a list of things to do by Friday so I don't forget anything and can clear my mind of all those little things like printing off notes and packing a calculator for class. I loved seeing how you stay organized with classes :)

    - Courtney