Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DIY Marble Dollar Tree Pots for Succulents

I'm pleased to announce that I have completed another round of finals without dying. This means I am halfway there to my Bachelors Degree. (AHH)

I've been easing into summer, trying to recover and I did my first summer DIY the other day!
I picked up these succulents and a package of three mini terra-cotta pots from the Dollar Tree. I see this kind of stuff in stores, envision something adorable, do a scary evil laugh and toss them in my basket. Muahahahah

Okay but really, I just popped the succulents out of the cheapy plastic pots and gave the terra-cotta ones a quick coat of white spray paint.

I could tell you I tried what worked right away, but I feel it's my job to allow anyone and everyone to laugh at me and to also keep you from trying it these ways too. All I knew was that I wanted to marble them. (that's good grammar, right?)

I used the plastic pots the succulents originally came in to practice first, which was smart so I didn't ruin the other pots, but it also probably would have worked differently with plastic than with terra-cotta anyway. Oh well.

Initially I tried the tub of water thing. I've only ever seen it done that way with nail polish, but I figured I would try it anyway with the small samples of paint I have leftover from my craft shelf boxes.


Then I found the one bottle of turquoisey-teal nail polish I had and tried that. 


I remembered seeing a tutorial for marbling nail polish with a plastic bag. They dotted a few drops of the leftover wall paint paint on the nail and used the plastic baggie to mix the colors.

I used the wall paint I orignally tried and painted a few spots randomly around the pot.

Then I used a piece of saran wrap (affiliate link) to mix the paint into a "marble" effect.

And I don't have a picture of this step, because I was covered in paint and didn't really feel like painting my camera.

But this is how they came out!

That's all! Show me pics of yours! #LittleBitsofLacey and I might just repost them :)


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