Monday, June 13, 2016

Easy DIY Polaroid Magnets

So I just recently found The Sorry Girls and I can't believe I haven't seen them before. They are incredibly talented and so original. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from their YouTube channel lately, and this post is one of them.

I love the look of polaroid photos, but I am too indecisive to be locked down to one picture; it usually takes me at least 10 tries to get a picture I like. 

I downloaded the Poladroid app for my computer, and popped a couple of photos into it. The app is super cute and makes sound effects so it sounds like a camera. You can take any picture and it turns it into a Polaroid.

I find a lot of coupon codes for free 8x10 photos from Walgreens, so I picked 4 photos, used PicMonkey to make a collage and sent it to be printed, all fo free. Muahahah

When I picked the photo up I used my paper cutter to slice them up and glued them to a leftover piece of foam board.

I started to use a utility knife to try to cut through the foam board, but I found that scissors are easier to control and make for less ripping. I then used some old random magnets to hot glue to the back. This is perfect for those random magnets you have but don't really want or need. 

That's it! Send me your pictures on Instagram with the #LittleBitsofLacey. I want to start featuring your photos on my Instagram page! 


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